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The future of motor racing - A1 Grand Prix - World Cup of Motor Sports

The A1 Grand prix is considered as the world cup of motor sport.  It is a fairer motor racing sport because all the cars are equal in quality, speed and innovations. They are different from the formula 1 because here the drivers race for their countries compared to teams in the f1. The A1 consists of 25 nations and the drivers compete against each other for the holy grail of motor sports.

Drivers , racing it out for their countries

The skills and the intelligence of the drivers will be tested to the limits because none can have an edge over the other due to the performance of their car. Winning completely lies on the shoulders of the drivers. The driver who wins will honor his country with the world cup of motor sports.

The champagne that comes along with winning the race

A1 action takes place for three days. These races are basically held on the weekends from Friday to Sunday. On Friday racers are given a chance to practice. On Saturday meanwhile the qualification session takes place. These qualification sessions will determine the grid positions for the Sprint Race held on Sunday. The result of the Sprint Race meanwhile will determine the grid for the Feature Race held on the same day.  The combined points from the Sprint Race and the Feature Race will be the points collected by each driver.

The race in Malaysia

The A1 Grand Prix brings together nation and helps promote the countries that take part in it. It also instills the passion that every individual has for their country.

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