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Formula 1 brings a whole new definition to the word motor sports. It is the ultimate motor racing sport.


The modern era of Formula One Grand Prix racing began in 1950, but the roots of F1 are far earlier. F1 is short for formula 1 which is the sport for motor racing. The cars used in f1 were not always fast and light. There used to be a time when the cars used were extremely heavy and quite slow. At the time, the racers used to race on the main roads and found it quite difficult to do so.

However, as technologies were developed so did the formula1. The cars became lighter and faster. Race tracks were built and other facilities such as garages were made. These races were eventually known as the Grand Prix. The cars itself developed in many ways. Teams now managed drivers as compared to before when individuals took part. Aerodynamics, computer aided devices and tires started playing their role in winning races. The races alone were not omnipotent in winning races but race strategies and the quality of the cars used played significant parts.

Safety became a major issue in a sport where racers basically have to put their life in line for every race. Therefore the governing body for f1, FIA, began introducing safety regulations in the late 1960s, starting with rules on roll bars, dual braking systems, seatbelts, fire protection, protective clothing, helmets and safe fuel tanks. This soon advanced to safety inspections at racing circuits and the introduction of flag signaling codes. FIA continued to address race safety, implementing organized race marshalling, mandatory five-second cockpit evacuation by drivers and fire-resistant clothing.

The modern day f1 consists of 19 races ranging from Malaysia to U.S.A. Each circuit is unique because they are designed with sharp corners and long straights to test not only the speed of the car but also the driving skills of the drivers. New rules have been introduced into the sport to spice it up. These new rules help increase competition among the teams. These rules test the sustainability of tires and the cars over not one but two races. A car that is changed in between every two race is penalized. Therefore it is getting harder for teams, whereby they not only have to make sure the cars can run at high speeds but the cars also have to sustain for a long period of races at good conditions.

The champion of 2005 season

At the moment the most celebrated driver is Fernando Alonso from team Renault who not only won the driver’s championship but also won the constructor’s championship with his teammate Giancarlo Fisichella. However, it expected the previously dominant force of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher to return roaring for the next season. Mclaren Mercedes and their two incredible drivers Kimi Raikonnen and Juan Pablo Montoya are also expected to push for the title from the beginning. They are also considered as genuine title contenders for next year.

Another glorious start to a race

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